Registering - Only Oval Track Legends Drivers and Officials can register for use on this website.
To register, please click on the register link at the top of the page and complete all required details.

Submitting Tyres - Drivers should submit tyres using the upcoming events section, or by clicking on the Submit Tyre link from the website.

It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that tyre logs are submitted CORRECTLY, and prior to the first race. Tyre submissions are timestamped automatically.

It is the drivers responsibility to declare a new tyre - drivers can only declare 1 new tyre per meeting, unless a new driver where they can log upto 4, but must start from the back of the grid until their 4th meeting.

Worn Out Tyre Number - Drivers should log the tyre number which can be found on the tyre, or by scanning the barcode to retrieve the tyre number. Only if all such avenues have been exhausted, the tyre must be taken to the scrutineer to mark. The scrutineer will assess the tyre to confirm it is an old used tyre. The tyre should be manually coded using a unique 10 digit number format. EG, CarNo 28, Date 01/01/21, Tyre 1 would be 0101210281 - this code would then be used for future meetings for this particular tyre.

Tyre Showing As New On Website - Please note - tyres flagged as new are new ONLY within the website database, which was launched for the beginning of the 2021 season. In the early stages of this website, a tyre may flag as new until a tyre history is built up. In this case, you can continue with your submitting of tyres, and the promotion will use the paper copy to check the history. Drivers should use the comments box to inform the promotion of any new tyres, or if they have purchased tyres from another driver.

Typed the wrong tyre number - If you have made an error, please take a note of the tyre that is wrong and edit your entry - you cannot do this after a meeting. You will also have to inform the scrutineer of this change if you have already submitted your paperwork.

Damaged Tyres - If you have to use a like for like tyre due to damage, you need to submit a new tyre log for the event, only submitting the replacement tyre. Comment in the notes the reason for the replacement tyre with a note of the damaged tyre number. A scrutineer will have to confirm like for like beforehand.

About This Website

The promoters, Spedeworth, HRP and DMC have came together to provide the drivers the playform to electronically submit tyre logs for upcoming race events.

The site will give drivers the opportunity to look back at their history, as well as seeing how many times each tyre has been logged.

Other drivers will also be able to view a drivers' history.

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